Keeping your shipment on track

Gulfstream Logistics provides transportation of liquid and dry bulk products, including vegetable oil, solvents, resins, chemicals, glucose, milk and various beverages throughout Southern Africa.

With 16 years experience in the safe, reliable and professional transportation of bulk liquid, we have been recognized by major companies for our superior performance in safety, product stewardship and service.

Gulfstream Logistics food & chemicals maintains the highest operating standards and has developed sophisticated systems in support of delivering impeccable service in challenging environments.

We have the scale and expertise to handle the most challenging service scenarios within the Southern African market place. We have the experience and infrastructure to transport all liquid cargo, from food grade to hazardous chemicals.

Driving efficiency

We continue to offer unparalleled service, as our growing fleet offers you flexibility with a more frequent schedule and efficient service delivery times.

Our highly-trained staff complement ensures that we maintain an efficient response time to any requests, continuing our outstanding on-time service record. Markets that we serve include the industrial chemicals and food product markets.

We are proud to provide all our clients – ranging from small entrepreneurial enterprises to large multinational corporations – with the personal service and attention to detail that has always set us apart.

> Fleet of superior vehicles
> Capacities from 1 000 litres to 40 000 litres
> Satellite tracking for safety and to monitor timings
> Covered by R1 250 000 goods-in-transit insurance
> Impeccably maintained fleet
> Pre-trip inspections
> Competitive pricing – outstanding value


Trusted by leading companies

No successful business is built without establishing and maintaining sturdy relationships with clients.

Whilst Gulfstream logistics has achieved rapid growth in a short space of time, none of it would have been possible without a strong foundation – one built with the support and encouragement of our valued existing clientele.


    1291 South Coast Rd, Mobeni
    Durban, KZN, RSA
    Tel: 087 073 6062 / 083 303 4789

    Gulfstream Logistics
    • 1291 South Coast Road, Mobeni
      Durban, KZN, RSA